Photoshop Tennis


You’ll have a starting image. You can change the color, add effects, add text, or “remix” it with another picture. But you cannot obliterate the original image. It has to be there somewhere. Keep it fun, school appropriate.

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Robot Army

This we’ll make a robot from a box template. You will use digital images, textures, as well as scanned images for the surfaces and the features. This will be your own idea, not a copy of someone else’s work.

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Use a box template that you can find on Google. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to stand on its own. You might want to try thicker paper to make it stand on its own.

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Fairy Tale Illustration

You will be creating a collage illustration in Photoshop of a classic fairy tale, folk story, nursery rhyme or fable.

Here’s a link to some stories:

You’ll used internet sourced photographic images to illustrate an important event or the characters in your selected story. Conduct plenty of research by rereading your story, Looking at others’ illustrations and viewing loads of photographs for possible use.

Use blending modes and layer masks. Be sure to name your layers. You can also use scanned original drawings or paintings. The size is 13 x 19″.

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Interview with a Successful Traditional Illustrator

Audio interview with New Yorker cartoonist Barry Blitt:

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Making a Layer Mask

Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal All

Use a soft brush and paint away the pixels you don’t want. Use X on the keyboard to change black to white.

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